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Editors Note:

Dearest Reader,
It is with great pleasure that I hereby introduce Oceans Daily Magazine Issue No. 4 ! 

Enhancing Ocean Awareness through Art, is the main theme of this Issue. 
Just like ascending into The Big Blue, to discover the underwater world with all our senses - we can ascent into Art. I believe in Art as a powerful tool to elaborate complex matters, and to present and preserve precious moments. 

Like Baba Dioum said : “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." 

In order to care for the Oceans, our emotions and senses needs to be activated. I believe, that this is possible weather plunged beneath the waves, or being emotionally drawn to Art displaying Ocean matters. 
This Issue also hosts some rather intense subjects, such as Chinese and Traditional Medicine, as well as the Commercialized Seafood Industry. 

It has been a great journey editing this Issue and I hope that You will enjoy reading it !

Naja Bertolt Jensen


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Editors Note :

Dearest Reader !

2020 has been anything but static. A Year filled with changes. Also for the Oceans Daily platform.

Since the prior Magazine was published, Oceans Daily has been redefined. The Magazines are now the core product, due to the great response, - for which I am grateful !


It is now with great pleasure that I introduce to You, Oceans Daily Magazine Issue No. 3. As You may have noticed, this Magazine contains many different aspects of Ocean Conservation and perceptions of the life below surface.

The intention is to summon and share as many different perspectives on the Ocean as possible, - both the forceful and exploited as well as the beautiful and mythical.


Some have dedicated their lives to the Ocean and are working tirelessly to contribute to a a more sustainable future for the Oceans as well as it ́s inhabitants. And most often, these passionate people, with true commitment, never get the proper amount of acknowledgement. But never the less - they continue !


In this Magazine, some of these incredible individuals shares their point of view. I am really proud to to share with You, a glimpse of their dedication and hard work.

Thank You for Your interest in Oceans Daily !

Sincerely, Naja Bertolt Jensen


Editors Note :

Dearest Reader !
It is with great pleasure that I hereby introduce to You Issue No. 2 of Oceans Daily Magazine ! 
The feedback to Issue No. 1 has been astounding,  so I am very exited to share this next issue with You. 
One of the main themes of this Issue is Sharks. I am proud to present Shark Conservationist Madison Stewart, working tirelessly protecting the animals she loves …
I am also pleased to present an interview with Henrik Beha, founder of the danish organisation “Plastic Change”.
Both are contributing passionately to a more sustainable future for the Oceans. 
I hope that You will enjoy reading this Issue as much as I have enjoyed creating it !
Thank You for Your interest in Oceans Daily !
Naja Bertolt Jensen

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