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Bastien Demnard - The creator of “Titanny”

Bastian was born in Paris, France.

His mother’s family comes from the Atlantic coast of France (Basque Country) and his father’s family, from the Mediterranean coast (French Riviera).

Knowing those two very different seas are probably one of the reasons for his fascination for the Marine universe.

He studied literature for 8 years, before he joined several French advertising agencies as a Strategic Planner and Art Director.

Illustration by Bastien Demnard

Today, he is a creative director for a Spirits Company, that allows him to travel around the world to create contents about Whisky, Rum or Gin Makers.

He also illustrates Magazines Covers and he designs Bottles and Labels, in which he continues to express his passion for the Oceans.

In his personal life, he had the chance to deep dive in Cuba and in Greece. In addition to design and illustration, Bastien also makes sculptures and engravings, and dreams to find the time, one day, to study oil painting.

Photo by Christophe Meireis

Bastien Demnard

Instagram : @Bastos.Illustrations


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