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Music for Oceans, An interview with Alex Mauboussin

“I make sample based electronic music entirely of sounds from repurposed and recovered waste items. I use music to show the unseen value of waste.”
Photo by Alex Mauboussin

How would You define Your mission ?

“Make good experimental art and get people to think about the environment.”

Why did You choose to fokus on bringing Awareness to the Ocean ?

"My interest in the environment came from learning about the destructive environmental effects of animal agriculture. I thought, “How could something that has such an impact on the environment not be discussed? What can I do and what else is there?”

My “what can I do” was cut animal products from my diet and the “what else” was the ocean. We’re causing the Ocean a great deal of trouble right now. The ocean is not understood well, makes up 2/3rds of the planet and is a host to incredibly important ecosystems that impact our life on land."

“I use music to show the unseen value of waste.”

How did You come up with the idea - making music out of waste ?

"In early 2017 I had just finished a project and was doing a lot of experimental sampling. One day I decided to record some samples of trash from my garbage bin. I enjoyed the process and the idea of going from waste to art was appealing. After a few months I started to see how I could use the project to feed my interest in the environment, and the ocean. I’ve been refining the project’s message and sound for about 2 years with no end in sight."

Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen

What/Who inspires You ?

"I’m inspired by trash! I love recording unconventional objects. To me, there’s nothing better than finding good sounds from an interesting new piece of trash or recording something familiar differently for a new sound. New recordings in my computer are always exciting and inspiring."

What is Your story with Music ?

"I first started listening to classical music in high school. Soon after my friend showed me Venetian Snares and I jumped directly from classical into hardcore experimental electronic music.

After listening to music for a few years I wanted to make music, but didn’t know how, or where to start. I took a jump and got a little synth when I was 19, and things just escalated from there. I got into the computer, synthesis and sampling.

Making music is a very reflective practice for me. It serves as my sonic journal. Going from wanting to be able to make music, and now being able to make music, and to have made a bunch of it, has been really fulfilling."

What do You hope to achieve ?

"I am planning on release an album for Please Recycle (when it’s ready), expand on the composing projects I have underway, find some cool collaborations and push my creative horizons. I want more people to enjoy my music and re-evaluate the value of their waste."

How do You experience peoples reaction to Your Music and Statement ?

"Pleased! In my experience people like Please Recycle. They’re surprised when they find out all the sounds came from trash and have taken interest in the message."

Are You optimistic about the future of the Ocean ?

“I think there is only space for optimism.We certainly still have a long way to go, but the oceans are in the mainstream dialogue and we’re making progress. There are a lot of incredible people working tirelessly on the oceans. I think we’re at the start of shifting our food, energy and packaging systems to be more ocean friendly, which is exciting.”

Photo by Henry Co

What advise do You wish to give the readers of Oceans Daily Magazine ?

“Strive for better, instead of perfection and learn along the way.”


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