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Titanny - the lady living in the deep Sea

“Just like all the living creatures of the Ocean, Titanny cannot rebel."
Illustration by Bastien Demnard

Titanny is a lady living in the deep Sea.

Her name is a mix between Tiffany and Titanic.

Since she cannot speak, all her thoughts and intentions need to be expressed by her body.

That’s why all of her gestures and movements are amplified, just like an actress in old silent movies.

Illustration by Bastien Demnard

Once, she was a deep diver, who decided to cut the cord, break all her links with the surface,

and live alone in the great bellows. That is why the pipe of her helmet doesn’t link her to the outside world,

as this kind of equipment should do.

Except for her helmet, which she always wears, she is nude like a newborn Baby.

This nudity is the one of innocence. There is nothing sexual in her attitude: she is always playful and acts like a child who is discovering all that she sees, constantly wondering about everything.

Illustration by Bastien Demnard

This childish eye of Titanny allows the creation some very simple and absurd situations, some poetic ones, and even to add a bit environmental messaging, by enhancing the contrast between her innocence and the horror of human indifference : just like all the living creatures of the Ocean, Titanny cannot rebel.

She just can’t understand. She represents the absolute freedom of the one who doesn’t have to care about the human world, and in the same time, a total loneliness that she seems to ignore.

The main reference for this character is the Little Prince : a lonely boy traveling from planet to planet, learning things,- we never question how he walks into space or how he can survive in a small planet…

The characters carries a whole bunch of questions and answers, that You automatically accept by entering in it´s universe.

Illustration by Bastien Demnard


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