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Information, Inspiration and Visualization
"From the Oceans point of view"

Oceans Dailys mission is to contribute 

to make a change for at more 

sustainable future for the Ocean.

Oceans Daily was launched 1/1-2019 as a News Platform sharing News and Information about the Ocean 365 days a Year. 


After a year of success Oceans Daily relaunched in 2020,

focusing on in-depth Editorials and Features perspectifing

Ocean News and Information.


Today Oceans Daily Magazines are the core product.

Aiming to inform, inspire and visualize

the beauty of the Oceans,

through a broad range of content:


Conservationists, Photographers, Scientists, Artists



Perspectifing the complexity of Oceans


Ocean News & Information:

Politically & Scientifically


Inspiration for the Conscious Consumer 

Visualizing the beauty of the Oceans

Blue Reporter


The Ocean has always been a major part of my life.

Growing up, I was privileged experiencing a healthy Ocean. Later at the age of 14, witnessing an Ocean severely under pressure, - I knew, that I wanted to dedicate my life to contribute creating a more sustainable future for the Ocean.


Working professionally as a “Storyteller” at The National Aquarium of Denmark -  interacting with thousands of guests from all over the world on a daily basis, revealed a need of a platform for Ocean News and Information.

Oceans Daily was launched 1/1-2019.

As Blue Reporter my goal is to create Ocean awareness though Storytelling and underwater Photography.


Ø. Kristensen



Juul Jensen

Scientific Illustrator


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